The 2017 Troop 354 Longleaf Pine Straw Sale is here!

Posted on Feb 13 2017 - 9:51am

The 2017 Troop 354 Longleaf Pine Straw Sale is here!


Orienteering Merit Badge

Posted on Feb 13 2017 - 9:50am
For those scouts who attended the campout this weekend, you began the orienteering merit badge.  If you didn't attend the campout but still want to obtain the merit badge, you can review how to use a compass, read a topographic map and use the two together by reviewing the merit badge book.  
In order to complete the merit badge, you'll need to take some additional steps.
First, obtain a blue merit badge card from your Scoutmaster to officially open the orienteering merit badge.
Second, pickup the merit badge book or go to the link below for a copy and learn about competitive orienteering (necessary to complete requirement 6).
Next, schedule some time with me to complete requirements 1-4 and 6.  You learned about compasses and maps this weekend so we just need to individually sit down together and review those requirements along with what you learned from the book to complete requirement 6.  That shouldn't take long at all.  
Once several scouts have completed requirements 1-6, we'll attempt to complete requirements 7-10 as a group.
Remaining requirements:
1, 2, 3a-b, 4a-f, 6a-c, 7a-b, 8a or b, 9, 10
Completed requirements


Volunteer's Needed for the 2017 Pine Straw Sale

Posted on Feb 6 2017 - 10:21pm

Summer Camp Dates Finalized - Sign Up Early

Posted on Feb 6 2017 - 10:21pm

We will be attending Camp Comer June 25 through July 1st.

Cost per scout is $265.

First deposit of $75 is due by February 17th. Pay Here with PayPal

Merit Badge selections are due by March 13th.

Optional Programs with fees:
High Adventure Program $100
Comer River Trek Program $100
Whitewater Rafting: $70
CPR: $20

More information will follow.

Merit Badge Counselors Needed

Posted on Dec 16 2016 - 1:23pm

Our Troop needs parents who are willing to serve as Merit Badge Counselors. You do not have to be an expert in the merit badge subject. You might have knowledge of a subject because of your job, education, background, or hobby. Please look over the list of merit badges, read over the requirements (http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Merit_Badges) for the ones that you think would be a good fit for you. It is very beneficial for Troop 354 to have merit badge counselors for our boys to utilize. They are more apt to want to work on a merit badge if they can work on it with an adult that they are familiar with.  

Calendar Sync to Troop Website

Posted on Oct 26 2016 - 11:07am

Calendar Sync 

This feature will let you keep your personal electronic calendar in sync with the Troop website calendar. As events are added/deleted/changed on your Troop website, your personal electronic calendar will automatically be updated. No more need to manually add Troop events to your personal calendar.

Click here to try it out.

Further instructions are attached below.

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